Tips for your Newborn Session

There is nothing more special than capturing the beauty and love of the newborn stage. Their fingers and toes only stay tiny for so long, and having photos to look back on will forever and always bring the nostalgia back. While you’ll be thrilled to have the photos to frame or make a photo album out of, preparing for the newborn session can be daunting and overwhelming (especially when it comes to wondering how your baby will be during those short couple of hours). That is why I am bringing you this blog post for all of my tips for your newborn session to relieve stress going into it. Whether you are choosing to have your session in your home or a studio, read on for ways to prepare your home, your baby, and yourselves along with links at the bottom!

xo, Heather

Preparing Your Home

Have your house at a warmer temperature than normal. Set your thermostat to 75-80 degrees and/or have a space heater you can keep near baby during the session. We want to make sure your baby stays warm and comfortable since they may not always be wrapped up in a swaddle or blanket!
-Choose 2-3 rooms for you session with the best, natural lighting. Typically this tends to be the nursery, master bedroom, or main living area/kitchen.
-Declutter. We want your photos to have minimal distractions from your newborn. Pick up, declutter, and hide cords in the rooms (this could include putting away diaper cream, bottles, dirty clothes, etc.) . This will allow the session to go smoother and quicker since it will be done beforehand.
-Open blinds and curtains to let in natural light.
-Have a portable sound machine or Shusher.

Preparing Your Newborn (feedings, outfits, and details)

-Make sure your baby is fed and burped about 30 minutes prior. Feeding your baby beforehand will help them stay content and sleepy throughout the session. Of course we may need to take a break if they get hungry again, which is totally okay!
-Aim to have your sessions within the first 2 weeks of baby being born. Babies are usually more sleepy and calm during this time period which will help your session go smoother. If you want your baby photographed when they are a couple months older, that is fine they will likely just be more awake for the photos!
Select simple, neutral outfits. Since we don’t want any distractions to take away from your sweet little one, simple is key. Soft and neutral colors will photograph well and give a timeless look while bright or bold colors may reflect on their skin tone. Unless you have a special outfit you want to dress your baby in, simple onesies or footed sleepers will be perfect!
-Have a variety of different colored and textured swaddles/blankets.
-Lay out any special details or items you want to incorporate into your photos ahead of time. This might include a handmade blanket, name signs, bows, hats, a special stuffed animal, or anything else that you want to have photographed with your baby.

Preparing Outfits for Mama and Dada

-Just like baby’s outfit, think neutral and simple! For a timeless and comfortable look, long dresses seem to be what new mama’s feel best in and long pants with a neutral shirt for dad’s will do just fine! It also does not hurt to have a back-up outfit handy incase of any accidents.


-Yogasleep Hushh

-Kyte Baby Zippered Footie
-Caden Lane Waffle Footie
-Caden Lane Knotted Gown
-Colored Organics Footed Sleeper
-Simple Joy by Carters Long-Sleeved Onesie

-Quincy Mae Swaddle Blankets
-Lou Lou & Company Swaddle Blankets
-Lou Lou and Company Muslin Quilts
-Amazon Knitted Blanket
-Amazon Muslin Swaddle Blankets

-Lou Loud and Company Beanies
-Lou Loud and Company Bows & Headbands
-Spearmint Baby “Hi.” knit beanie, rosy color
-Spearmint Baby “Hi.” knit beanie, pecan color
-Amazon Knit Crochet baby booties

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