How I Learned Photography

Six years ago I decided to pick up a camera and and teach myself photography. I had another job at the time as a School Social worker (and still do!), so I spent the Summer learning how to use my camera. My first camera was a Canon EOS 6D. I chose this one because I knew I wanted a full-frame DSLR, yet it wasn’t the most expensive one. I did lots of research and comparisons before purchasing it, and was very happy with my choice! After I had the camera in my hands, the work of learning photography started and I haven’t looked back. Read below to hear about how I learned and I hope you’re able to find some of it helpful!

Other than taking photos on my iPhone or with a simple point-and-shoot, I had zero experience taking photos on a “nice camera.” I bought a book about the basics of photography and read about everything from different types of lenses to aperture and shutter speeds. I read blog posts and educational articles online and even took a class on how to use my camera at National Camera Exchange in Minneapolis. If you are starting from ground zero like how I was, I highly recommend doing this!

While I was learning how to use my camera, and even after I got the basics down, I practiced, practiced, practiced! I would go outside and take photos of different objects/plants in my yard and play around with the settings. I took photos of friends, neighbors, and family at no charge until I really felt like I understood the ins and outs of using my camera.

After that, I reached out to a family friend who I knew was a local wedding photographer. We met for coffee and I told her I was hoping to learn more about photographing weddings. Since she was pregnant at the time, she offered me to attend the weddings with her to help carry her bags as well as be able to shoot and practice with my camera. I knew the basics of photography, but having someone else take me under their wing and show me the ins and outs of photographing weddings was a game changer and the next wedding season I booked my own weddings!

If you are starting out photography or are looking to grow your photography skills, I offer mentor sessions that might be just be the perfect fit for you! You can look at my different mentorship offerings HERE!

XO, Heather

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