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Wedding Questionnaire for a Seamless Day

After the Wedding Photography Agreement is signed, sealed, & delivered, so many fun things happen leading up to the big day. Shooting and editing the engagement session, creating the perfect wedding day timeline (see my blog post on this here), and, for me, sending out a Wedding Day Questionnaire. Sending this questionnaire allows all uncertainties and details to be laid out ahead of time, which never fails to lead to a seamless, stress-free wedding day.

In this blog post, I am giving you the exact questions I include in my questionnaire for you to use! And how do I use it? I email the jotform link to my couples about 1 month before their wedding day and request them to complete it in two weeks. Then, we hop on a 30 minute FaceTime or phone call to go over everything, including the timeline, shotlist, and wedding questionnaire for a seamless day. So, ready to see the questions?! Let’s do this!

XO Heather

Church ceremony
Ms. Minnesota bride's wedding day


  • Wedding Date:
  • Bride’s Name:
  • Bride’s Phone Number:
  • Groom’s Name:
  • Groom’s Phone Number:
  • Wedding Location:
  • Estimated # of Wedding Guests Attending:
  • Start and end time of photographer?
  • Bride’s last name after the wedding:
  • What will the Bride’s and Groom’s address be?


  • Ceremony site address & contact name/number:
  • Start & end time of ceremony:
  • Grand Exit from ceremony (petals, bubbles, etc.)?
  • Reception site address & contact name/number:
  • Start & end time of reception:
  • Would you like getting ready/detail photos taken before the ceremony?
  • Please provide details of bride getting ready (location, address, start/end time, etc.):
  • Please provide details of groom getting ready (location, address, start/end time, etc.):
  • Please provide names of each bridesmaid (specify Maid of Honor):
  • Please provide names for each groomsmen (specify Best Man):
  • Please list anyone else playing a role in the wedding (i.e flower girls, usher, personal attendant):
  • Will you be doing a First Look before the ceremony?
  • What time will you be entering your reception?
  • Will you and your wedding party be doing a grand entrance into the reception?
  • Please list who will be giving toasts:
  • Are there restrictions or guidelines to your venue?
  • Please provide details of any special traditions or unique events taking place on your wedding day:
  • Cake cutting?
  • First dance?
  • Father/daughter dance?
  • Mother/son dance?
  • Bouquet or garter toss?
  • Bride’s Wedding Attire:
  • Groom’s Wedding Attire:
  • Wedding Party Attire:


  • When would you like family photos taken?
    • We will take our family photos before the ceremony
    • We will have our family stay after the ceremony to take photos
    • We will take immediate family photos before the ceremony and extended family photos after.
  • Are there any unique family dynamics I should be aware of (divorces, deaths, etc.)?
  • Please list each name and relationship of bride’s immediate family:
  • Please list each name and relationship of Groom’s immediate family:
  • Are there any other formal family photos you would like to have taken in addition to the ones listed below?

Bride + bride’s parents
Bride + each parent separately
Bride + siblings
Bride + each sibling
Bride/Groom + Bride’s parents
Bride/Groom and Bride’s immediate family
Groom + groom’s parents
Groom + each parent separately
Groom + siblings
Groom + each sibling
Groom/Bride + Groom’s parents
Groom/Bride + Groom’s immediate family
Bride/Groom + both sets of parents

THE WEDDING TEAM (name & instagram handle)

  • Wedding Planner:
  • Florist:
  • Hair Stylist:
  • Makeup Artist:
  • Band/Musicians/DJ:
  • Caterer:
  • Deserts/bakery:
  • Videographer:
  • Event Rentals:
  • Invitation suite designer:
  • Are there any other vendors that will be part of your wedding day?


  • What was the inspiration behind your wedding?
  • If you could describe how you envision your wedding to be in 3 words, what would they be?
  • Quick reminder of how you two met!
  • Please share any significant details that you would like me to pay careful attention to:

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